Five Good Reasons for Inspecting Your Roof

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Renewing your roof can be an expensive process, even if you employ roofers who charge a reasonable rate. That is why maintenance and prevention are always going to prove better than cure. In order to ensure that the necessary remedial steps are taken involves carrying out regular inspections of the roof so that any problems that appear to be arising can be nipped in the bud. In this article, we set out five good reasons for taking the precaution of regularly checking your roof’s condition.

Weathering and Aging
Most roofs have a shelf life of around twenty to thirty years in the case of multi -ply roofs and fifteen to twenty years in the case of single ply roofs. Every roof in the world is subject to the effects of weathering and aging and, fortunately, these effects are normally visible on inspection of the roof. The most obvious evidence of aging and weathering are openings in the roof that may lead to the infiltration of water. When these openings are discovered, on inspection, it enables the carrying out of repairs before the infiltration of water occurs or becomes a serious problem.

Storm Damage
Strong winds, hailstones and other weather conditions can damage the fabric of a roof. If a major weather event takes place it is always wise to check the resultant effect on the roof. Storm damage may be slight, requiring only modest remedial action or it can be severe, demanding immediate, urgent repairs if further harm is to be avoided through water infiltration or further storm events. One of the most serious consequences of a storm is when debris or the branches of trees are blown onto the roof and these occurrences should always lead to an urgent appraisal of the roof.

Leak Checking
Another good reason for regularly inspecting the roof is to check for leaks. It can take some time for the effects of a leak to show in the interior of a property, by which time the internal fabric may be soaked if the ingress of water has been happening over a period of time. Checking regularly reduces the risk of this happening, saving money on expensive internal re-decoration and potentially on re-wiring if the electrical system is inundated.

Drainage Assessment
The roof’s slope and drainage are essential to the performance of the roof. Standing water will significantly raise the risk of a leak and it is essential to ensure that the drainage routes are not blocked by leaves, moss or the build up of other types of debris. Not only does the build up of water risk leaks, it also raises the possibility of damage to the roof’s material, creating the need to renew it sooner rather than later.

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Moss on the Roof Can Create Serious Problems

Nature’s Impact
If the gutters to the roof are not kept clean and clear, the growth of vegetation can be the result. Gutters should therefore be checked regularly and the roof should also be checked to ensure that the branches of any adjoining trees do not encroach on the roof as this too will promote the growth of vegetation on the surface of the roof. If vegetation is allowed to continue to grow on a roof it may result in the roots penetrating the roof and causing leaks.

The relatively inexpensive process of conducting regular roof inspections is likely to alert you to any roofing problems or potential issues and, in the long run, to represent a significant money saving exercise.

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