What Would You Use to Cover Your Roof: Slate or Tile?

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When we are carrying out a complete re-roofing job in South Devon we are often asked to advise our customers about whether they should choose slate or tile for their roof covering. Of course, it is often a matter of personal taste or it may be possible to re-use the existing covering. Alternatively, many customers who need to replace the entire roof want to do so on a like for like basis. Finally, some customers have houses that are listed where there is no option regarding the material that is used to cover the roof. Subject to the above, we set out below some guidance that may help to decide on whether to elect for slate or tile when your own roof is renewed.

Slate is considerably lighter than tile so if you are considering replacing a slate roof for a tiled one you will need to consider whether the existing roof structure is strong enough to support the weight of the tiles. You roofer will be able to advise you about this and when he does so he will take into account the present strength of the roof timbers, the overall size of the roof and its pitch.

Slate is more expensive than tiles. Most people agree that the best slate is Welsh and, not surprisingly, it is the priciest. Spanish and Chinese slate are also available and are cheaper but they are also considered to be of a lower quality. Obviously, the bigger the roof, the more the additional cost of slate becomes relevant. It may be possible to access reclaimed slate at a substantial discount subject to where your house is located.

Roof work

Your roof covering depends on taste, weight, cost and locality

Your House Style
If you live in an older Victorian home you may feel that is would spoil its appearance to replace slates with tiles, even though it would likely result in a significant money saving.

Your Location
If your house is situated on a street or estate where all the other properties have one specific type of roof covering you will probably not want yours to stand out by having an entirely different one.

The Artificial Alternative
Although it is true that there are these two basic choices when it comes to renewing your roof, alternative products are now available. However, most roofers find these artificial fibrous slates to be more difficult to work with and to have a significantly shorter life, although one product, which is made from crushed waste welsh slate and is similar looking to the genuine article is considered to be among the best of the artificial options. Obviously, artificial slates can provide the most economical way to cover the roof.

Whatever type of roof you have, when it comes to renewing it you can rely on your local roofing contractor to advise you as to the best and most economical material for your re-roofing.

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