Roof Repairs in Devon

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The roof of your house is one of the most pricey parts of your residential property. In addition, the roof serves to protect the contents of your home as well as the people who inhabit it. Consequently, keeping the roof in a proper state of repair is crucial to keeping up with the ongoing maintenance of every home. Living in Torquay, Newton Abbot, Exeter and other towns in South Devon can make the process of keeping the roof in a good state of repair quite difficult. Along with the warm summer weather that we often have, we also suffer from strong winds and heavy downpours of rain in the winter and these are frequently the biggest contributors to a damaged roof.

Roof Repairs in Torquay, Newton Abbot, Exeter and Devon
Obviously, with this type of climate, the need for frequent roof repairs in Torquay, Newton Abbot, Exeter and Devon is all too common. It is probably one of the most frequent house repairs, particularly after there has been stormy weather and can be responsible for the greatest amount of damage to a home and its interior.

The first indication that the roof of your property may have suffered a degree of damage is normally the appearance of a damp spot on the ceiling. It is essential that this first indication is acted on immediately. Any delay is likely to compound the problem and result in much greater damage and consequent expense. If the matter is left unattended, eventually the interior roof space will become so saturated that water will begin to drip from the ceiling, especially when any rainfall resumes. Whilst this is obviously something to be concerned about the greatest damage is likely to be have been caused to the structure of your roof, with wet rot, mildew and mold all taking hold of the roof timbers. This will require quite extensive (and expensive) repair if the roof is to be rendered safe again. It is prudent to have the roof regularly inspected by a professional roofer. Although you may be young and agile enough to get on the roof yourself, there are early signs of wear and tear that a professional roofing contractor is more likely to be able to detect through a visual inspection and, of course, professional roofers are far more au fait with safety measures and procedures that need to be employed when working on a roof.

Wind, Rain and Roof Repairs
What frequently happens is that we have an unusually bad period of weather which triggers an increased demand for the services of a local roofing contractor. Because there is a general shortage of contractor the cost of repairs may increase, although most home owners will  be covered by household insurance. In addition, you are likely to find that the better roofers in Devon, like The Roofers SW, have been appointed by so many home owners that they are too busy to take on any more work. This, of course, creates a dilemma where the choice is between waiting several weeks for the contractor of your choice (during which time the damage my get even worse) or engaging someone that you do not really want or have any real confidence in.

Can You do Your Own Devon Roof Repairs?
It is possible that you want to try to save some money on your roof repairs and decide that you will attempt to do it yourself. Whilst the objective is understandable, we would not recommend this unless you have at least some roofing expertise. Locating and fixing a leak is not that easy and there are, of course, significant safety issues involved. Our advice is to contact The Roofers SW, your reliable Devon Roofers for all roofing works in Torquay, Newton Abbot, Exeter and the whole of Devon.

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