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A feature of many properties in South Devon is a skylight and the fitting of a skylight is an everyday job for most Devon Roofers. Although many homeowners look at the idea of creating a hole in their roof as something of a risky job it is, in fact considerably easier to install a skylight in the roof than it is to create a new window in the wall. One reason for this is that the majority of skylights are sold with their own flashing systems that have the ability to seal the joint between the skylight and the roof very effectively. In this article we describe how to quickly and easily shed more light in your attic space by the installation of a skylight.

Skylights come in two basic types. These are curb-mounted skylights skylights which have their frame in place. the former type of skylight, when fitted, is raised above the level of the roof, either sitting upon a separate wooden frame curb or having the curb as a constituent part of the skylight itself. Conversely, a skylight with a frame in place is installed flush with the roof, similar to the windows in the wall. This type of skylight is held in place by a set of brackets.

Both types of skylight use glass window panes which can be either single or multi-glazed for fuel and noise efficiency.

Preparing the Roof for the Skylight
The assembly of a skylight tends to be carried out in three separate stages. The first stage is to measure and cut the roof opening where the skylight is to be located. The best place to locate the skylight is around the centre of the attic. It is advisable, when planning the skylight to look for one with dimensions that fit between the centre joists and rafters without any need to cut them or to re-frame the skylight. The opening needs to be framed with the wood securely nailed to the rafters to support the window. Curb mounted skylights also require the installation of a framed curb. If the skylight does fit between two of the rafters without needing to be cut, it is a simple task to cut two headers which will fit between the rafters and can be nailed in place. Naturally, it is more difficult and time consuming to cut the rafters to suit the size of the frame but it can still be done without too much difficulty.


Devon Roofers Skylight

A Professionally Fitted Skylight

The Installation of the Skylight
Curb Mounted
The first step is to build the curb. Once this is installed a layer of caulking should be spread around the top before the skylight is set in onto the curb and fastened down. The tiles or slates should then be replaced, always allowing sufficient space for the flashing, which will keep the skylight’s join with the roof waterproof. The flashing should be nailed to the curb and attached to the roof using roofing cement.

Framed in Place
The first step with this type of skylight is to mount the brackets onto the side of the skylight, set the skylight into the hole and fasten it in place. It is important to ensure that the skylight is square and flush to the hole. The flashing should then be installed in the same manner as described above.

Once the skylight has been fitted you will be able to carry out any decorative repairs inside the attic to finish the job in a professional fashion.

Although this summary shows the fitting of a skylight to be a relatively straightforward operation this is only if it is left in the hands of an experienced roofing contractor. In addition to the professionalism that a team of local roofers will bring to the job, they will also be well equipped with all the equipment and know-how required to ensure that the job is completed safely.

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