Look After Your Roof and Your Roof Will Take Care of You

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One of the most important structural components of any house is the roof. It protects the property below it from the elements, keeping out the wind, rain, hail and snow, whilst also helping to keep the warmth in. If the roof fails, it can have disastrous consequences for the entire house. In this article we consider some of the consequences of a breach of the protection that is provided by a well maintained roof and demonstrate the importance of regularly surveying and repairing this vital part of your house.

The Consequences of a Leaking Roof

The obvious result of having a roof that cannot keep out the effects of the weather is that the house will suffer the consequences of water infiltration. This can take many forms.

Wet Rot to the Beams and Timbers

Leaks to the roof can often go undiscovered for a considerable time. This can result in severe damage to the beams and timbers of the roof which can, if sufficiently severe, result in the need to have the house completely re-roofed. It goes without saying that the longer a leak to the roof is left unattended, the more likely it is that the roof timbers will become affected by wet rot and the more severe the damage is likely to be.

Mould and Mildew

The infiltration of water into a home can result in the growth of mould and/or mildew. These organisms can be extremely difficult to shift, even after the original leak has been remedied. The stains that they are also notoriously difficult to remove from affected areas, resulting in what may become a long-term effect on the internal appearance of the house.

Damage to the Internal Décor

Even the smallest leak in the roof is likely to result in staining to the paintwork of the ceilings of the house or a breakdown in their wallpaper coverings. Although this may not be the most costly consequence of a leaking roof, it may still be necessary to employ professional decorators who are able to employ damp resistant materials, to ensure a permanent solution to the problem.


South Devon Roofers protect your roof

Keeping the roof in a good state of repair can prevent damage to the house and its contents

 Contents Damage

If the damage to the roof is sufficiently serious as to cause the house to be flooded, it can have an extremely damaging effect on the property’s interior. Quite apart from damage to carpets, beds and bedding and other soft furnishings, water infiltration can cause untold harm to electrical circuitry and any electric and/or electronic components. Televisions, music systems, games consoles, desktops, laptops and telephones are particularly susceptible to water damage.


As this article has shown, there are various ways in which a property and its contents are likely to be harmed if the security of its roof has been compromised. It may, unfortunately, be the case that a specific type of damage is not covered by a household insurance policy, particularly if the damage to the roof is of a nature that a reasonably cautious householder would have noted and rectified.  In the circumstances, the best advice to any householder is to undertake annual surveys of their roof to ascertain whether there are any existing or pending problems. In the case of roof damage and its consequences, prevention is always better – and cheaper – than cure!

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