How Your Roofers Can Insulate Your Roof and Save You Money

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One thing is true about heat – it rises. That means that the heat that is produced in a house will eventually end up hitting the roof space. When this happens, one of two things can happen. In a house that has effective insulation, the heat is retained in the house and allowed to re-circulate, meaning that the property remains warm. Conversely, in a house that is not insulated, a large percentage of the heat – around 25% of it – will escape to the outside. This will mean that the house will have to be reheated more quickly resulting in a significant increase in household energy bills. In this article we look at a simple and relatively inexpensive way of insulating a loft, attic or flat roof and thereby save money on heating bills – loft insulation.

Loft Insulation
If you have a roof space that is easy to gain access to and it was constructed with regularly spaced joists, it is easy to insulate by simply rolling strips of insulating material, usually made from mineral wool, between the joists. A further layer of insulating material is then laid at right angles to cover the joists and give the insulation sufficient depth. The recommended depth of the insulating covering is twenty seven centimeters.
If the loft cannot be so easily accessed or the joists are uneven, it is possible to blow insulating material, made of either cellulose fibre or mineral wool into the roof void. These materials are also fire resistant to protect the property from the risk of fire.

Flat Roof Insulation
The best place to install an adequate insulating barrier to a flat roof in from the top of the roof. A layer of solid insulation boards is affixed either directly onto the the roof’s weatherproof layer, or directly onto the roof’s timber surface. An additional layer of weatherproof material is then added to the top of the insulation. Although it is also possible to carry out flat roof insulation from beneath the roof, as in the case of loft insulation, it may lead to condensation in the future and is a job that should be left to professional roofers.

South West Roofing Insulation

Flat Roof Insulation Can Save on Household Fuel Bills

Additional Insulation
Every action has a reaction and one of the consequences of keeping more heat in the house is to reduce the heat that reaches the loft space. It will therefore be necessary to ensure that any pipework and water tanks in the loft are properly lagged to prevent them from freezing in the colder weather. It will also be necessary to protect the house from any cold drafts that may emanate from the loft. An insulated loft hatch should be fitted, as should the appropriate draft excluders to ensure that the colder air remains in the roof void.

These simple measures will have an immediate effect on the heat efficiency of your house. Not only will you find your home to be warmer and less drafty in the winter, there will also be a corresponding reduction in the household heating bills. You are likely to find very quickly that the amount that you have spent on the loft insulation is quickly matched and overtaken by these fuel savings. Furthermore, because you are reducing the amount of heat that is escaping from your house you are also helping with the reduction of carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

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