How Our Devon Roofers Detect Your Roof Leaks

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The process of detecting the location of roof leaks in residential and commercial properties can be extremely difficult, very time-consuming and, ultimately, both frustrating and irritating. It is frequently the case that the source of the leak is far from obvious and a great deal of effort has to go into detecting it. This results in delay in finding the source of the leak because It often  requires several attempts which, in turn, means that there is a delay in preventing water from entering the building.

The First Sign of a Roof Leak
In most cases, the first indication that a roof is leaking is the appearance of a water spot on the floor of a property or the appearance of a damp stain on the ceiling. As soon as one or other of these indicators is spotted, its location should be carefully marked as you are likely to require this in the future because the precise location of a leak can be hard to find even a short time after the leak has stopped.

The easiest time to track down a leak is when the water is still ingressing the property. Once the flow of water has stopped and the fabric of the building begins to dry, although there may be some staining, as continuing evidence of the leak, following the path of water flowing into the house is an easier way to locate the source of a leak.

Checking the Roof Space
The first stage in finding the source of the leak is to locate the point at which the water comes through the roof’s system and makes an appearance in the interior of the building itself. This is likely to involve your roofers having to remove any ceiling tiles and enter the roof space. Once the roofer has identified the point where the water is leaving the roof space it is easier to go on to locate the point on the roof where the water is making its entry. The way that this is done is by tracking the path of the water from where it leaves the roof system back to where it enters it. This can be a difficult procedure because there may be areas of the roof where the trail runs dry and, in certain cases, water can travel several feet from the point where the roof leak is located to the point where it is first spotted inside the property. The roofer will take measurements inside the roof space, following the flow of the water, which can then be used at the next stage of the procedure.

Devon roofers help to detect roof leaks

The First Signs of a Roof Leak

Checking the Roof Externally
The next stage of the procedure is to attempt to locate the source of the leak on the exterior of the roof, utilising the measurements that were taken from the inside. To find the exact source of the leak, the roofer will have to bear in mind that water flows downhill, meaning that he should look up the slope from where the water is entering the building’s interior. By combining the measurements that were taken inside and the application of this principle, the roofer will be able to detect the leak and advise on the necessary work that should be carried out to remedy it.

Although, as we have already mentioned, the detection of the precise source of a leak in the roof of a property is not always easy, if it is placed in the hands of an experienced roofer, the task is more likely to be completed quickly and efficiently. The key to resolving any roofing problem is to act quickly and to employ professional roofers who have developed both experience and expertise in detecting and repairing roof leaks. The quicker the process is resolved, the less damage that will be caused to your property and its contents.

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