How Our Devon Roofers Can Protect Our Houses from the South West Wind and Rain

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The roof on your house is likely to be one of the most costly and important parts of the property. It is therefore vital that you make the necessary investment in keeping the roof in good repair, not least because it protects everything inside the house as well as the people who are living in it from what may be some severe external elements.

Maintaining the roof is crucial in preserving the overall well-being of your property. Although, for householders in Torquay, Newton Abbot, Exeter and South Devon, roofing maintenance does not normally require the need to guard against snow and hail (although these conditions can affect us from time to time) we can suffer some very high winds and significant rainfall coming in with Atlantic low pressure weather systems. These powerful winds and heavy rainfalls are liable to cause immediate and significant damage to the roof and the interior of the house, especially if the roof is already compromised. As this article demonstrates, when this happens, the pressures on Devon roofers immediately increase, with our workloads becoming so stretched that we often have to work around the clock to deal with the repairs that our customers need to be carried out.

Heavy Rains, Strong Winds and Roof Repairs in Devon
It has now become something of a familiar story. A year (or month) in which we are subjected to unusually severe weather sparks an overflow of repair demand that stretches local roofers’ capacity to meet the needs of their customers. Some contractors may take advantage of this situation to raise their charges for carrying out the repairs. It can also be difficult to find some of the best roofers in Devon because the most reliable and established roofing contractors are the most likely to be engaged quickly during times when there is a heavy volume of roofing work. This can leave home owners with the dubious option of either waiting until a reliable contractor (or their usual roofers) become available or taking pot-luck with a previously untested contractor. It is for this reason that roofing contractors, estate agents and home insurance companies suggest that maintenance of the roof is the key to ensuring that any repairs that may be required as a result of extreme weather conditions are kept to an absolute minimum.

If you are unfortunate enough, however, to suffer roof damage, the most important factor is to spot it quickly if damage and repair costs are to be kept down. There are certain early indicators of a leaking roof and during this type of severe weather observation is the key.

Tell-tale Signs of Roof Damage
The first indication that a roof has become damaged is normally the sudden appearance of a damp spot on the ceiling. This is when immediate action should be taken to prevent the damp spot from becoming a wet one, with greater and greater water ingress as every day of rainfall passes. Damage to timbers, electrics, plaster, decorations and the very structure of the house may soon ensue. Of course, observing the problem before it results in this level of damage is preferable, which is why we strongly advocate, as we dealt with in a previous article, the conducting of regular roof inspections that may have the effect of nipping the type of damage caused by a roof leak in the bud. Any damage that is uncovered by a roof inspection is likely to be made all the worse by the type of extreme weather conditions that we have referred to in this article if it is not remedied soon after detection

South Devon Roofing Inspection

The Importance of Roof Inspection



Whilst it is always tempting to “hope for the best” when it comes to the condition of our roofs, this may well constitute a false economy. In the context of keeping ourselves and our property safe from the effects of the more severe weather types, prevention is most certainly better than cure!

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