How Much Will My New Roof Cost? Devon Roofers Explain

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Whenever we are asked to give a customer a general idea on the phone about how much it costs to install a new roof we provide the most honest answer that we can – it depends! There are so many factors to consider when quoting for a new roof that it is impossible to be totally accurate without first carrying out a detailed inspection of the roof in question. When we attend a property with a view to carrying out a roofing survey and provide a quote for work, there are various factors that will affect the cost of the proposed roofing works. In this article we set out the main factors upon which the cost of building a new roof will be based.

The Cost of Roofing

The Dimensions of the Roof
Inevitably, the size of the roof will be one of the most relevant factors when determining the cost of replacing it. Your roofing contractor will prepare detailed measurements in order to be able to accurately estimate the amount of materials and the labour time involved in replacing it.

The Pitch of the Roof
You roofer will want to look at the steepness of the roof’s pitch. The reason for this is that more materials will be required to renew a roof that has a steep pitch. Obviously, the greater the material requirements the higher the ultimate cost will be.

Choice of Roofing Materials.
There is a wide range of roof coverings to choose from and we have looked at these in another of our articles. Whilst certain economies can be made by choosing less expensive tiles, this may be a false economy if, in the future, the tiles break easily and require replacement or cause a breach in the roof’s protectiveness, causing damage to your home.

Means of Access
Whatever the reason may be, if the roof is difficult to access it is likely to result in a higher quote. The reason for this is that less accessible roofs are likely to take much longer to work on, resulting in increased labour charges.

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The Style of the Roof
If the roof has several valleys or has external features that make it more tricky to work on such as dormer windows, skylights and/or multiple chimneys it is likely to add to the overall labor time and cost.

Weather Exposure
If you live in a locality where severe weather conditions such as extreme heat or cold, ferocious winds or heavy falls of hail or snow are likely to occur, the roof will need to be constructed to withstand these elements. This may well mean that slightly more expensive materials will have to be employed to ensure that the roof is up to the task.

Where You Live
If you live in an isolated location that is difficult to access, the cost of the proposed roofing work may well be higher because of the time it will take for the roofers to travel to and from your property to complete the contract.

When you are thinking of having a new roof installed at your home the most important thing to do is to obtain quotes from more than one roofer. It is just as important to be wary of those who provide remarkably low estimates as it is to steer clear of those that offer quotes that are markedly more expensive than the norm. Ultimately, you should settle for a reputable local roofer who gives you a reasonable price for the work that you require, taking into account all of the above factors.

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