How Devon Roofers Price Their Roofing Jobs

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When our Torquay, Newton Abbot, Exeter and South Devon roofers are asked to price a job there are various factors that are relevant to the pricing. It should be stressed that, because no two roofing jobs are identical, there is no standard cost for carrying out roofing work. What you need to be done may even differ from your next door neighbour because the size and pitch of their roof may be different and yours may have suffered more from wear and tear and weather damage. Therefore, when you are looking for a quote for roofing work you should ask the contractor to set out the exact dimensions and pitch of the roof and any other special features that may affect the amount of the quote. Needless to say, you should also get quotes from more than one firm of roofers. At The Roofers SW we always provide free, detailed quotes for our potential customers.

Factors That Influence Roofing Costs
The Type of Job
The most obvious factor affecting the price of roofing work is the type of job. A minor roof repair is bound to cost less than a complete roof build or replacement.

The Size of the Roof
Another obvious influence on the price of roofing work is the size of the roof itself. The greater the dimensions of the roof the more expensive the roofing work is likely to be.

The Pitch and Slope of the Roof
As a rule of thumb, the steeper the pitch of the roof, the greater will be the cost of the roof work. The reason for this is that a greater amount of materials is required for a steeply pitched roof resulting in a higher overall cost.

Choice of Roofing Materials
In terms of the materials that are employed, there may be a considerable choice and this can have a direct effect on the cost of the work. Subject to your individual taste and budget, you can elect for less expensive materials or more pricey ones. You should always remember that the more expensive materials are likely to be more durable and require fewer repairs in the future.

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The Age of the Property
It is likely that an older property is subject to a greater general deterioration. This is likely to impact on the amount of labour that will be required, which, in turn, will add to the cost of the job.

Height and Accessibility
The number of stories that your property is made up of and the accessibility of the roof will both impact on the price price. A higher price is likely to apply for properties of over two stories or if any particular factors make it more difficult for the roofing contractor to get to and from the roof.

Style of the Roof
If the basic shape of your roof is not symmetrical or is otherwise unusual, having, for instance, either several chimneys, dormer windows, skylights or a large number of hips and valleys, it will add to the complexity of the roofing work and,inevitably, add to the cost.

Local Climatic Issues
If you live in a locality where the climate requires the roof to be able to withstand extreme weather such as intense heat, heavy snow or very strong winds, this is likely to be another factor that will increase the price of your roofing work.

If you live in an urban area, close to the location of the roofer, the work is likely to cost less than if you live in a rural area which demands a great deal of travelling to get to.

There are other miscellaneous factors that affect the cost of roofing works but these are the main ones to bear in mind when obtaining that all-important quote from your roofers.

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