Green Roofing: Making Your Roof More Environmentally Friendly

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Many home owners are now becoming increasingly aware of the impact that their house can have upon our environment. There are many adaptations than can be made to our behaviour and the structure of our building to lessen the harmful effects on the environment. One area in which such changes can be effected is in relation to the roof and in this article we look at just a few of the ways that a home owner, in conjunction with an environmentally aware roofer, can make their contribution to protecting the wider environment as well as reducing their personal energy consumption and fuel costs.

Install Water Butts
One of the easiest way of exploiting the roof’s structure is by placing water butts at the down spout of the gutters. The water butts will collect and store the water that flows down the roof and into the down spout. The accumulated water can then be used for matters such as watering flower beds and lawns and sluicing down the outside of the house and any driveways. This simple technique of collecting water reduces the demands on our water supplies, particularly when the warmer, less rainy weather arrives and, if you are in one of those households that has a water meter installed, will have an impact on the amount of your water rate bills. The cost of investing in the water butts themselves may very quickly be eclipsed by the savings that you make whilst at the same time, benefiting the environment by preserving our water resources.

Ventilation and Insulation
For your roof to work effectively and efficiently it is essential that it is properly ventilated and insulated. These are key ingredients to any roof and if you ensure that your own roof is operating properly in these two respects you will not only enjoy the benefits of a comfortable, warm but airy home but you will also be minimising the carbon emissions from your home into the atmosphere. As an additional by-product if your roof is working efficiently, it is likely to reduce the amount of energy that you have to consume to keep your home warm, with a resultant reduction in fuel utility costs.

Solar Panels
The installation of solar roof panels is becoming an increasingly popular way to use the earth’s natural resources, in this case the sunlight, to produce the power that we need to operate our households. Somewhat more expensive than the other items listed in this article and dependent, to some extent, on the prevailing climate in the area in which your house is located, solar panels can provide a great way of cutting fuel costs and reducing dangerous emissions. After an extended period of time the panels may well pay for themselves, especially as their cost and the installation charges continue to fall.

Sky Lighting
Cleverly positioned sky lighting is a really effective way of introducing daylight to many rooms in the house. This reduces the need to use any artificial light during the hours of daylight with the obvious knock-on effect of reducing energy costs once again.


A Sky Light can Reduce the Need for Artificial Light During the Day and Save Money on bills

Keep the Roof Clean
It is a simple measure yet one that many homeowners ignore but keeping vegetation growth at bay goes a long way towards improving roof efficiency by assisting the air circulation and reducing wear and tear on the roof. This helps to prevent premature aging of the roof through “hot spots”. As a consequence the need for roofing repairs and the employment of additional natural resources such as slate tiles is diminished.

Maintain the Roof
Thorough roof maintenance which involves keeping the gutters, downspouts, and the roof itself free from dirt and debris will also assist in prolonging the life of the roof, thereby forestalling replacement, which in turn brings about cost savings and a reduction in material waste.

These simple measures can have a beneficial effect not only on your environment but also on your pocket. If you would like any more information on our Torquay, Newton Abbot and South West roofing services please get in touch with us by visiting our website, telephoning or calling in:

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