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If you are in need of some roofing work in Torquay, Newton Abbot, Exeter, South Devon or any other area of the South West you may have a certain amount of trepidation about how to go through the process of locating a reliable, trustworthy, professional, skilled and competent local roofing contractor. Because roofing work is not normally required more than once or twice during the period of ownership of a property, it is unlikely that you will have already established a relationship with a firm of roofers in the same way that you may have done with a more general building company. It is therefore likely to be something of a challenge to ensure that you find the roofer that you want. Happily there are many quality roofers in the South West and in this article we will set out a few tips as to how to ensure that you find the best one for you.

Although cost is always important it is not he only thing to consider. Most importantly, when looking for a roofing quote for your work, it is essential to obtain several different competitive tenders and also to make sure that the various quotes all cover the same specifications. That way you can be sure of how much the roofers are quoting and exactly what work. There is nothing to be gained by selecting a lower quote only to subsequently realise that it does not cover all the items on a more expensive one! Nevertheless you should still always bear in mind the the cheapest roofer is not necessarily going to be the best one and considerations other than cost, such as the quality of their work, adherence to the contract, reliability and completion on schedule, are likely to figure equally highly on any householder’s list of priorities.

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It is important to look carefully for the best local roofers

Undoubtedly the most valuable source for locating a roofer is through the recommendation of someone who has had experience of their work either through being a previous customer or through a connection within the general building trade.Personal referrals from trusted members of the family and friends are very useful sources when it comes to identifying a local roofer. If friends and family have had good (or bad) personal experiences with a roofer this can help you to add (or exclude) a specific roofing contractor to your list of possible appointments. Local builders can also provide similar information about roofers that they have come across during the course of their work, as might building merchants and other suppliers of building materials and equipment.

Other ways of locating a roofer, which are somewhat less reliable, in terms of information that can be obtained specific to the roofer in question are by way of a trawl through Yellow Pages or the Thomson Local under the relevant sections. An alternative means is by searching the many construction directories such as Rated People, who will have a list of local roofers and will, if you register with them, deliver details of your work to them and seek a set of quotes on your behalf. You may also consider contacting any local trade organisation or body that exists in the locality and, of course, make a search through one of the internet’s search engines. Because none of these provides any information about the roofer in question you may also want to check online for any reviews of the roofer’s work, including on their own website or on other platforms such as Twitter or Google +1.

In this article we have looked at the process of finding a potential roofer to carry out your roofing work. In the nest, we will look at the sort of questions that you should consider asking when it comes to meeting the roofers!

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