Devon Roofing Tips: Finding the Best Devon Roofers

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Roofing work can be an expensive enterprise. It is also a skilled undertaking, requiring professionalism, expertise and experience. Because the roof is such an important part of the structure of the house you will want to be sure than any essential roofing work is carried out by the best roofers in your area. Because Devon is such a large county with many cities, towns and villages of various sizes, there are a multitude of Devon roofers to choose from. Fortunately, the majority of these are highly professional contractors. As in all professions, however, there will be contractors that you would be better off avoiding. In this article we provide some basic indicators as to how to find a reliable roofer to carry out your required roofing work to the high standard that you require and deserve.

Length in Business
Although it is not conclusive, the fact that a building contractor has been established in business for some time is relevant. Expertise and qualifications are important and when experience is added to these ingredients it is likely to result in a highly competent roofing contractor.

Business Premises
Some sort of fixed premised ought to exist. Smaller roofers may have their home as their business address or a small lock-up premises and this is perfectly acceptable. We suggest that roofers that have no fixed premises and only operate from a mobile phone might best be avoided.

You should always check that any prospective roofer holds the necessary liability insurance. Needless to say, the absence of the necessary insurance policies should result in a roofer being eliminated from your list of potential contractors.

Roofing Work is Important - Get the Best Roofer

Roofing Work is Important – Get the Best Roofer

Get a Written Estimate
You should always ask for a detailed written estimate. A reputable roofer will be only too happy to provide this. If the prospective roofer is reluctant to do so you would be better moving on to one who is!

Ask About Guarantees/Warranties
Clearly, a good roofer will stand by his work and will attend to any remedial measures that might need to be taken. Additionally, he will be legally obliged to repair any defective workmanship. However you may wish to be doubly sure, by appointing a roofer who will provide a guarantee or warranty to cover his work.

Trade Certifications
Many trade associations provide certifications for tradesmen, which are only given after what can be a rigorous assessment process for the contractor. Such a certification generally indicates that a tradesmen possesses a high degree of competence.

Check for Complaints
Ask around locally and/or check on the internet for any recorded complaints against the roofer that might make you think twice about appointing him.

Clearly, price will always be a factor but it should not be determinative. Obtain as many estimates as possible and compare them closely. Look for those that exceed the others by a considerable amount and eliminate them. Do the same for any that significantly undercut the others. Remember, if an estimate looks too good to be true……it probably is!

Ask a Friend
The best way of judging a roofer is by the quality of the work that he has already carried out. Ask family and friends for any input that may may be in a position to give. It is likely to be the most reliable indicator.

Whilst this does not necessarily constitute an exhaustive list of the factors that might be considered when appointing a roofer to carry out essential roofing work on your property, it should nevertheless serve as a useful guide. Applying one or more of the matters listed above will certainly go a long way towards ensuring that the roofers that you choose will carry out the work to your satisfaction.

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