Devon Roofers: Protect Your Roof Against Stormy Weather!

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After a great 2014, our South Devon roofers had to hit the ground running – even harder!
The adverse weather that hit the South West over the last months of the old year, running into 2015, caused considerable damage to the houses and commercial properties of Torquay, Newton, Abbot, the South Hams and, in fact, the entire county of Devon. The damage that is caused by high winds is obvious. Slates, felt, tiles, gutters and other roof fixtures can be dislodged, resulting in the creation of a breach in the roof’s protection that water is easily able to penetrate, resulting in considerable internal damage. If the breach has been caused simply be a tile or two being loosened or broken the remedy is fairly straightforward and can be effected cheaply. As long as the remedial measures are taken quickly, the consequential damage that is caused is likely to be minimal. The key is to ascertain whether the roof has been damaged by both internal and external visual inspection, and, if there is any sign that it may have been, to contact your Devon roofing contractors without delay. Of course, damage to the roof of a building can be caused by the intervention of an external object rather than directly through the elements. The most likely item to cause damage to a roof is, of course, a nearby tree. If a tree or one of its heavy branches is blown onto a roof it will result in major damage that will require immediate and urgent attention.

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A falling tree can cause real damage

Initially, steps will have to be taken to remove the tree or the branch from the roof. As soon as this has happened steps will need to be taken to cover any hole that has been made in the roof to keep out the elements. This is likely to be only a temporary protection against further damage from the elements pending a more thorough appraisal of the true extent of the damage to the roof and the repairs that are likely to be required. Once the weather has improved and the diary allows, your roofers will be in a position to provide a clear evaluation of the damage and to provide an accurate report on the roofing work that is required and the amount of the cost.

Although roofing works to a roof that has suffered significant damage from a falling tree can be an expensive proposition, the consolation is that this type of damage will almost certainly be covered by a standard house insurance policy, which will considerably ease the financial burden on the householder.

Prevention is Better Than Cure
Sadly, there is no guarantee that a roof will be able to withstand the full force of our South Devon weather. However, there are certain measures that will reduce the risk. One of these is to contact a firm of Devon roofing contractors to survey your roof before it is affected by bad weather. That way, any parts of the roof that are susceptible to damage through aging, existing breaches etc, can be repaired. Secondly, if there are any trees close to the roof, which are likely to cause damage in the event of a storm, they should be trimmed back, so far as is possible, to reduce the prospect of the tree itself or one of its branches causing potential untold damage.

Although it is always welcome to the roofing industry, stormy weather can be the bane of the life of a property owner. If you follow the two simple suggestions set out above, you will keep your roof as safe as possible – and make sure that your South West roofers are not overworked during 2015!!!

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