Areas Where Our Devon Roofers Provide Roofing Services to Our Customers

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Probably because our sister company and predecessor, The Builders SW, is based somewhere between Torquay and South Devon, our potential customers are sometimes unsure about whether our Devon roofers service the particular areas in which their roofing needs have arisen. For that reason, we felt that it might be helpful, in this blog, which is receiving more and more traffic from homeowners who are interested in the roofing related content that we produce, to set out confirmation of the wide areas that are covered by our Devon roofing operation so that they do not miss out on sharing a great roofing experience with us because they mistakenly believed that we do not cover their specific area.

Newton Abbot

Understandably, because our premises at Sterling House, Meadway, Decoy Industrial Estate, which The Roofers SW share with The Builders SW, are the closest to the South Devon market town of Newton Abbot, much of our roofing wok comes from there.  Our local Newton Abbot roofing services, which include a free roofing survey and reliable emergency call out services for urgent work are being taken up with increasing regularity by home owners in and around Newton Abbot. However, this is not to say that we do not travel further afield to meet the roofing needs of present and future customers. The first stop on our journey across the customer service area of the Roofers SW is the coastal triumvirate of towns within the conurbation known as Torbay.


So named because the town is located on a tor, a craggy hill or peak, and is, of course, also the home of a large natural bay, the town of Torquay is a thriving town with many domestic and commercial properties. Because it is all located on the coast, Torquay can be subject to some extreme weather conditions and these conditions, which are often marked with severe gales and significant falls of rain, have a tendency to affect the stability of the roofs of properties in the immediate locality. This gives rise to a great deal of urgent roofing work for Torquay roofers and, as the founders of The Roofers SW hail from Torquay, Torquay home owners not only have our sympathy but also our understanding when it comes to the need to be able to employ a reliable firm of local roofers to carry out their emergency roofing repairs.

The  Roofers SW

The Roofers SW

Exeter and Plymouth

The two cities of Exeter, Devon’s county town, and Plymouth, its most highly populated, are major sources of work for Devon roofers and The Roofers SW are no exception. Although there are may roofing companies that are more proximate to these cities, the tightly run operation of The Roofers SW, coupled with the easy accessibility of both of these towns from Newton Abbot mean that we are as able to provide a reliable and affordable roofing service as a more local firm  of roofers.

Devon’s Smaller Towns and Villages

The Devon roofing services offered by The Roofers SW extend beyond the major cities and towns. In pursuit of our mission to provide a total roofing service in the county, our roofers also cover smaller towns,villages and hamlets in areas such as The South Hams, mid-Devon, East Devon, Dartmoor and West Devon..


Hopefully, this article will have clearly demonstrated the extent of the service offered by our Devon roofers. Wherever in Devon your property may be located, if you want to discuss any roofing problems with us why not visit our website, ring, email us or complete The Roofers SW contact form. You can rely on our Devon roofers to provide a reliable and affordable roofing service.

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