The Financial Consequences of a Leaking Roof

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One of the most frequent types of work that Devon Roofers undertake is to mend leaks. Although we have a temperate climate in the South West, it does still rain here – and when it does the rain can be pretty heavy! As a result, if your roof springs a leak there is a possibility that quite extensive water infiltration will occur, with some potentially severe consequences in terms of your property itself and the contents that the roof should be protecting. In this article, rather than looking at the physical damage that can be caused by a leaking roof, we consider the problem from the financial point of view. If you read on you will quickly see just how seriously a leaking roof can impact on your household finances. We raise this issue as a response to a question from a commercial client whose roof had been springing leaks over a fairly long period. Our client asked us when it became financially more sensible to replace a leaking roof than to keep on carrying out patch repairs to a roof that had clearly seen better days.

As our readers will know, we at The Roofers SW frequently advise that the best form of roof repair is to prevent the need for it arising through regular roof inspection and maintenance. However, the law of diminishing returns sometimes means that, at some point in time, preventive measures are no longer viable and the overall impact of the leaking roof means that even the relatively large expense of replacing the roof is the best economic response. Some of the most obvious financial issues that will contribute towards the final decision are set out below:

Damage to The Fabric of the Building
Roof leaks that cause extensive damage to ceiling tiles, carpets, furnishings and electrical and electronic equipment are not uncommon. However, certain types of damage can be far more extensive. One property even lost its floor as a result of serious recurring roof leakages, resulting, not only in the need to replace the roof but also the floor! Water infiltration can have a financially catastrophic effect on the fabric and structure of a building, including the roof void, the walls, the electrics and the timbers.

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Sometimes Replacing the Roof is the Best Financial Option

Loss of Work
In the case of commercial premises or for those who use their residential premises as a base from which they work at home, a serious roof leak can effectively cause a serious downtime. This means that at the very time that extra funds are likely to be needed to deal with the damaged roof, the ability to earn an income has been severely compromised. The more often the ageing roof leaks, the more frequently this will happen.

Damaged Goods
Whether the premises are domestic or residential , the cost of replacing damaged goods can be extensive. In the case of a retail outlet, substantial financial losses can be incurred by products being destroyed. This may have the additional effect on the reputation of the business if, as a consequence, it fails to meet orders that were taken prior to the leak causing the damage to the products. A retail store recently lost more than $40,000 worth of products due to one roof leak.

Loss of Business
Torquay, Torbay, South Hams and South Devon are the home to many hotels, guest houses and restaurants. The loss of the entire top floor of an hotel or guest house, with the consequent need to cancel reservations is obviously going to have severe financial ramifications. The same can be said if it is necessary to close a top floor restaurant as a result of a leaking roof. Margins are such in the hospitality industry that repeated closures of all or part of the business may make the difference between financial survival or otherwise.

If your roof is causing persistent financial losses of the type referred to above, it is probably time to consult a local roofing company to plan the replacement of the entire roof, preferably at a time that is least likely to affect you and your business. Although replacing a roof is not cheap, in the long run it could save you money!

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