South Devon Roofers: Take Care of Your Tile Roof

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Top quality roofing tiles are long-lasting, often surviving without the need for any repairs for decades. If the tiles are fitted correctly, are properly maintained and are of a reasonably quality, it is unlikely that you will have to replace or renew them for a long time. This means that the additional outlay involved in installing a tiled roof will be worthwhile. The two most frequent issues with tiled roofs are the cracking, slipping or breaking of individual tiles or the build up of external debris such as moss and algae on the tiles.

Keep the Roof Clean
One of the main reasons for the build up of roof debris is the proximity of a tree. If the branches of a tree overhang the roof it is likely to result in an accumulation of moss and algae. If it is possible, therefore, to preserve the integrity of the roof overhanging trees should be cut back. The reason that moss and algae growth needs to be prevented is that it can build up in the gaps between the tiles. One possible consequence of this is that water backs up underneath the tiles resulting in water infiltration into the house. The source of this infiltration can be difficult to ascertain because there is no clear indicator, such as a cracked, broken or missing tile, on the exterior of the roof. Additionally, once water gets behind the tiles it will follow the course of the battens onto which the tiles are fixed. This can mean that the water enters the house in a completely different location to where it infiltrates the roof tiles. If the roof has valleys, this problem is even more likely to occur. If moss has already accumulated on the tiles it is sensible to remove it using a pressure washer.

South Devon Roofers

A Typical Tiled Roof

Deal With Broken Tiles
There are various reasons why tiles break or become displaced. Whatever the cause, as soon as you become aware that there is a problem, you should make urgent contact with your roofers to arrange an urgent inspection. It sometimes happens that wide scale shedding of tiles takes place. The likely cause of this is that the roofer who made the initial instillation used a cheaper type of nail to attach the tiles to the battens. If this proves to be the case, the only effective solution is to replace all of the substandard nails with more durable nails. When it comes to dealing with broken tiles, it may be possible to repair them using a silicon sealant or adhesive. If replacement is the only option, your roofers will advise you as to the number of tiles that are beyond repair. One difficulty that you may face when replacing broken tiles, especially if you have an older property, is in matching the tiles. Most roofers will have contacts within the trade who will be able to provide replacement tiles that may not exactly match yours but will not look too visible. If this is not possible, you may want to think about swapping tiles from a less visible part of the roof to retain its overall cosmetic appearance.

Take Care on the Roof
It goes without saying that working on a roof can be hazardous and is probably a job that is best left to professional roofing contractors. If you do want to carry out your own repairs, you should also bear in mind the need to protect the tiles. You should never walk directly on the roof tiles, as this is likely to cause breakage. Instead, planks should be used spread your weight over several tiles rather than concentrate it on just one of them. This will reduce the chance of breaking the individual tiles.

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