How Devon Roofers Can Use Social Media

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Social media is becoming an increasingly important way for businesses to showcase their products and services and this counts just as much for Devon Roofers as it does for any other type of business. To implement a successful social media campaign, which generates leads, referrals and business, roofers need to create social media content that manages to engage their targeted audience. To do this, that content needs to make them stand out from their competitors. Here are some tips as to how you might use social media to maximise your business.

Plan Your Social Media Campaign Thoroughly
As in most walks of life, planning is vital to the success of a social media campaign. This involves an early identification of the campaign’s goals, including whether you are trying to amass more followers, increase traffic to your website, offer information about your business or generate referrals. You should timetable your campaign so that you are able to measure the extent to which your individual goals have been reached. If they are not, you may need to amend your approach, including the timing of your posts to days and times where potential customers are more likely to be using their social media platforms. It is important that you use your time effectively if it is not to eat into your available time in running the rest of the business.

Use Video and Photography
Pictures can paint a thousand words and professionally produced videos and photographs are an extremely effective way to showcase the quality of the work that you are able to provide. Pictures and videos should be attached to social media posts and you should consider setting up a blog on your website, to which you can also add video and photographs to enhance the content and make it more eye catching.

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Photographs Can Showcase Your Roofing Work

Provide Regular Updates
It is important, if you have engaged an audience, to provide them with regular updates. These can include details of new projects that you have embarked on and any changes in your business, such as a change of premises or the addition of a new employee, that they may find of interest.

Try to be Creative
It is not always easy to be creative but one way of setting your social media content apart is by looking at the content of the sites and social media platforms of your competitors. Try to make your presentation different to theirs by incorporating interesting and engaging additions such as industry news, weather and local projects.

Keep an Eye on the Competition
If you are in competition with other local businesses it will help with your social media campaign to monitor what they are doing to try to get what could be your business. If they are doing things that you think may help your own campaign you may wish to adopt their model. Other platforms and websites may also prompt you to come up with new ideas for your own content. It may also keep you up to date with changing social trends and technological and industry developments.

Persuade People to Like and Share
Try to engage your audience to “like” and “share” your content. Natural likes and shares (not those that you pay for, which often come from people on different continents!) can be a useful tool, demonstrating to new visitors that you have a genuine following.

Social Media, if used properly, through adopting the tips set out above, can be a vital tool in your armory when it comes to marketing your South Devon roofing business.