Exterior Home Improvements To Add Value To Your Home

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Many homeowners are keen to add value to their home, especially if a sale is on the cards in the near future.

The exterior façade of your home will be the first thing a potential buyer will see, so it makes sense to spend some time on various improvements to ensure you give the best possible impression when they visit. After all, you don’t want them turned off before they’ve even set a foot into your humble abode.

Here are just a few exterior improvement ideas to get you started…

Spruce Up The Driveway

Your driveway will be the first area that a visitor will set eyes on, so it needs to look impressive! Spruce it up by de-weeding and maintaining any front lawns. Also consider adding some plant life or flowers to add a touch of colour. Simple plant pots will do if you don’t have space, or time, to complete any proper planting.

Take the time to give any outside walls some TLC with a jet spray or repair job if needed and remove any random debris such as stray litter, garden tools and strewn children’s toys.

Has your concrete or block paved driveway seen better days? Is it suffering from missing or cracked slabs? If so, it’s time to patch up those troublesome areas. If you have a gravel driveway, be sure to regularly rake it over to level out the gravel.

If you have a front gate, whether traditional wooden or even a swanky automated entrance gate, ensure that it looks the part and importantly, is functional and secure.

Landscape The Garden

Your garden (or gardens if you’re lucky enough to have more than one) are a valuable asset to your home and regardless of the time of year should not be neglected. Keeping them well maintained is important, so if you’re considering landscaping your garden ahead of selling up, keep it neat, tidy and low maintenance.

If your garden is already well landscaped and requires high levels of maintenance, consider simplifying things where possible. A low maintenance garden which will be cheaper, and less time consuming to maintain, will be a more attractive proposition to buyers than an extremely high maintenance outdoor space.

You should of course ensure that your lawns are kept trimmed, plants are in good health, patios and decking are washed down and that the garden is generally tidy and clutter free.

Maintain The Roof & Guttering

The roof is a fundamental part of your home, and regular roof maintenance is important to protect you against leaks and other issues. If your roof is in bad shape, this can serve to adversely affect the price of your property. Missing tiles, visible leaks, tears, cracks, excessive ponding water and broken gutters are all nightmares that you should take steps to avoid and fix immediately as they arise. Keep on top on things by regularly climbing a ladder for a look – if you notice any problem areas, call a professional roofer for advice and repair.

Protect The Home With Quality Fencing & Security

Your home should be well protected with quality fencing and other methods of security. Enclose your garden and property with a well-structured fence, ideal for keeping intruders and neighbours pets out! Keep the fence well maintained by cleaning it and freshening it up with a repaint every few months if needed.

With regards to upping your security, ensure motion sensitive safety lights are installed as well as lockable side gates and a functioning alarm system. These simple steps will make your home much less attractive to burglars and far more appealing to potential buyers.

Clean The Property Exterior

Cleaning the exterior of your property, namely the walls, doors and windows will help to get rid of dirt, grime and the effects of weathering. A simple jet spray can be enough to eliminate the bulk of it. Windows and doors will need a little more attention, but it’s nothing that a trusty window cleaner can’t manage.

Alternatively, consider transforming the exterior of your property by repainting it. This will help to provide it with a fresh, crisp look and no doubt vastly improve your kerb appeal.

Thanks for reading; we hope to have given you just a few ideas on how you can make simple exterior home improvements that will help to add value to your home. Best of luck.

Author bio: This guest blog has been contributed by http://www.classicbond.co.uk, UK EPDM flat roofing specialists.

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