Dormer Roofs

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There are many properties in Devon with a dormer roof. This type of construction add valuable space and height to the roof space of a house and every Devon roofing company will have experience in the installation of a dormer. Dormers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. The most popular of these are listed below.

Gable Dormers
A gable dormer is arguably the most popular type of dormer construction. This is likely to be because they are relatively straightforward to construct yet are capable of adding the greatest amount of additional head room. Gable dormers are frequently found in groups of two or more along the range of the roof.

Shed Dormers
Another popular style of dormer is the shed dormer. In this style of construction, the dormer often extends across almost the entire line of the roof. For this reason, the shed dormer, which adds valuable space and light to the house, can often be mistaken for a complete upper storey.

Hipped Dormers
With a hipped dormer, also known as a hip roof dormer, the roof of the dormer slopes on its front and sides. Unsurprisingly, this style of dormer is frequently seen in houses where the principal roof is also hipped.

Eyebrow Dormers
An eyebrow (or eyelid) dormer is so named because of its shape. The roof of the dormer is curved and it does not possess any walls. It does not add as much in terms of head room as some of the other styles of dormer but is felt to be a more aesthetic way of extending the roof space.

Bonneted Dormers
A bonneted dormer is also a curved roof dormer. Once again, this style is more frequently chosen for the improvement that it gives to the appearance of a house than for the additional space and light that it creates. Bonneted dormers are frequently seen in Victorian properties.

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A dormer can add space and value to a house

Constructing a Dormer
There are a variety of considerations when thinking of adding a dormer to a house. Firstly, it is necessary to match the size and shape of the dormer to the overall appearance of the house to avoid detracting from it. Working within those confines, a decision needs to be made as to the principal purpose of the dormer. If it is to add space and light, the best choice is likely to be a gable or shed dormer. Conversely, if space and light are not as important as appearance, an eyebrow or bonneted dormer might be the preference. It will also be important to fit the dormer in with the overall appearance of the roof. Thus, if the existing roof of the house is hipped, a hipped roof dormer is likely to be the best choice. Your roofers will be able to advise you as to the most appropriate style, shape and size of dormer for your house, taking into account the principal reason for the installation.

The addition of a dormer, whichever style is chosen, is a relatively, simple and inexpensive way of adding space, light and value to a house in a way that can also improve its external appearance.

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