Devon Roofing Tips: Why Use Slate Roof Tiles?

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When you are considering having the roof of your home renewed you will need to decide which material you want the roof tiles to be made from. One option is to use traditional slate. Slate roof tiles have been around for many years and continue to be one of the most popular materials for covering the roofs of houses and other properties. There are many advantages of using slate tiles and, in this article, we look at the most popular of these in demonstrating why so many home owners chose slate when they are having their roofing renewed.

The Advantages of Slate

  • For most people the biggest advantage of slate is its cosmetic appearance. Slate is a natural stone, which many home owners consider make it far more attractive than a man made tile. Slate has an individual appearance, although there are still several options, in terms of size, shape and colour.
  • Durability is the second reason for so many home owners choosing slate. As long as the tiles are fitted correctly and are properly protected and maintained, it is likely that they will last for many years. This represents a significant saving on repair and renewal costs compared to other types of roof tiles.
  • Slate tiles are safer than most other roofing materials when it comes to the matter of fire resistance. In fact, slate is highly fie resistant, protecting the roof of a home from catching fire if subjected to external combustible sources. Any sparks from a nearby fire in a neighboring property will have no effect on the slate tiles, which will protect your home effectively against any fire risk.
  • Because slate roof tiles last for many years, they result in far less waste. This represents a valuable contribution to the environment when other roof materials break down and have to be land-filled every twenty or thirty years.

Devon Roofing

Despite these genuine advantages of slate tiles there are one or two disadvantages that we should flag up.

  • Slate is a relatively fragile material. This means that, unless the tiles are handled carefully, they are prone to breaking, resulting in extra cost. Accordingly, great care needs to be taken when the roof is fitted and whenever it has to be accessed for repairs. Professional roofers will be aware of the need to handle slate tiles with care.
  • Slate tiles are also heavy. Depending on the thickness of the tiles that you employ, the structure of the roof will have to have the necessary inherent strength to bear the weight of the tiles. Obviously, where the property is particularly large, your roofing contractor will need to make an analysis of its ability to bear the weight of a slate roof from a structural point of view.
  • Finally, the individuality of slate, which we mentioned earlier, coupled with its fragility, creates a potential cosmetic issue. When a slate tile breaks and has to be renewed, it can be difficult to find a match. Slate tiles frequently come in batches and this means that you may not be able to find an exact replacement. Over years, where several slates may need to be replaced, this can detract from the appearance of the roof and the entire house.

Despite the fact that there are undoubtedly some drawbacks to slate, it has stood the test of time as one of the most frequently used roofing materials for a substantial period of time and is likely to continue to do so. In our view and that of most professional roofers, the advantages of slate roof tiles easily outweigh the disadvantages. Their attractiveness, durability, safety and environmental friendliness all combine to make slate the material of choice for your roofing tiles.

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