A Great Addition to Your South Devon Roof – Solar Panels

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Here in sunny Torbay, South Devon and other parts of the South West, we are blessed with some of the best weather in the United Kingdom. We have been especially lucky, this summer to have enjoyed many hours of sunshine and even in the colder seasons we still can benefit from lengthy spells when the sun is shining brightly. This fact makes Devon a marvellous location in which South Devon roofers can expand their overall roofing expertise and at the same time provide their customers with the ability to reduce their household bills and benefit the environment. In this article, we examine some of the benefits of solar panels, demonstrate how they work and summarise some of the money savings that they can allow.

The Advantages of Solar Panels
Solar panels have several discernible benefits, the most frequently cited being the following:
1. Because none of us has to pay for the sunlight, once the panels have been installed they begin to save money on fuel bills immediately and therefre cut the amount that we are having to spend on electricity to light (and/or heat) the house.
2. Because the government will make a payment to you for the solar power that you panels generate whether you actually use that power or not you can start to earn money as well as save it once the panels have been installed.
3. If you are producing more electricity from your solar panels than you actually require you can sell the surplus to the National Grid. Although you are unlikely to make a substantial profit, every little helps!
4. Solar panels produce Green Energy. Because there are no fuels burnt to produce the power from solar panels there are no harmful carbon emissions. This means that, by installing solar panes you will be making your own contribution to reducing your carbon footprint and protecting against future environmental damage.

South Devon roofing solar panels

Solar Panels are a Great Energy Saving Addition

How do Solar Panels Work?
Solar panels, which are also known as photovoltaics or PV cells are constructed from several layers of semi-conducting material. When sunlight shines on the PV cell it has the effect of creating an electric field, which runs across across these layers. Groups of these PV cells make up the solar panels that are mounted on your roof by your roofing contractors.Most panels can be relatively easily fitted onto an exiting roof although in some areas, solar tiles or slates have to be used instead, normally because of planning restrictions. The more sunlight there is, the greater the electricity that the solar panel will produce.

Money Savings
The biggest factor in calculating how much money can be saved is the size of the PV cell panels. The bigger they are, the more sunlight they will be able to take in and, in turn the greater the power they can generate. Whilst the cost of installation can come to £5,000 to £10,000, depending on its size, this outlay can be recovered fairly quickly – and at no cost to the environment – over the following few years. Solar tiles and slates cost around twice as much as the conventional products and, it must be said, are not as efficient in producing power as solar panels. There may be assistance available to install solar panels under the government’s Green Deal initiative although the scheme did not take off as it was heralded. It is estimated that the average annual electricity production from a standard solar panel installation is around £750. Therefore, the initial installation cost will be recovered in around ten years.

If you want to do your best for the environment whilst at the same time reducing your personal energy bills, why not look into the possibility of installing solar panels. That way you really will be making the most of the glorious Devon weather!

Article written by Torquay, Newton Abbot and South Devon Roofers

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