How Devon Roofers Can Use Social Media

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Social media is becoming an increasingly important way for businesses to showcase their products and services and this counts just as much for Devon Roofers as it does for any other type of business. To implement a successful social media campaign, which generates leads, referrals and business, roofers need to create social media content that manages to engage their targeted audience. To do this, that content needs to make them stand out from their competitors. Here are some tips as to how you might use social media to maximise your business. Plan Your Social Media Campaign Thoroughly As in most walks of life, planning is vital to the success of a social media campaign. This involves an early identification of the campaign’s goals, including whether you are trying to amass more followers, increase traffic to your website, offer information about your business or generate referrals. You should timetable your campaign so that you are able to measure the extent to which your individual goals have been reached. If they are not, you may need to amend your approach, including the timing of your posts to days and times where potential customers are more likely to be using their social media … Read More

The Importance of Roof Pitch

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If you are having the roof of your property replaced or are having a new home built, your building and/or roofing contractors will have discussed the issue of the proposed roof pitch. But what is roof pitch and why is it so important to the overall well being of your roof? What is Roof Pitch? The pitch of a roof is, in basic terms a measurement of its slope by reference to the angle between the walls of the house and the roof. In other words, it is a measurement of the roof’s steepness. The pitch of a roof is measured by reference to the degree of its vertical elevation against the horizontal plane. For instance, if a particular roof goes up be three inches per foot, its pitch would be expressed as 3:12. This is expressed as such because the roof would rise by four inches over ever 12 inches. The Importance of Pitch Certain roofing materials are designed with a particular pitch in mind. Constructing a roof with a pitch that is incompatible with the specification of the roofing system not only risks leaving the property with a roof that will be ineffective, causing widespread damage, but may … Read More

How to Make Your South Devon Roof More Environmentally Friendly

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More and more people are becoming aware of their personal responsibility to make a positive contribution to the environment. There are many ways that we can reduce the impact that our own lives have upon the environment by reducing waste, minimising the energy that we use and implementing measures to save water. Many of use have already started to use energy saving practices and appliances, install more effective insulation and reduce emissions inside our homes. However, one area in which important environmentally friendly practices might be implemented is the roof. In this article we look at some of the ways that you can ask your South Devon roofers to make your roof more green Water Butts One of the cheapest and most simple ways of making your roof more environmentally friendly is to invest in water butts. If these are used to collect the water that flows from the roof, into its gutters and its down pipes it can be used for washing the car, watering the garden or cleaning outdoor surfaces. This has the dual effect of reducing the amount of water that is used from our strained water resources and reducing our water charges if our water is … Read More

Need a Devon Roofer? How do You Choose?

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Most people who own their domestic or commercial premises in Devon are likely to have the need to employ a roofer at one time or another. Although the weather in the South West is reasonably mild compared to the rest of the country, we are still exposed to some powerful weather conditions coming off the Atlantic and it is not unusual for our properties to be subjected to extreme winds and fierce storms. Inevitably, this type of weather gives rise to the possibility that the roofs of our properties are subject to damage, which can sometimes be severe if, for example, it is caused by a falling tree. This creates an urgent need to engage a roofing contractor to carry out the necessary remedial work. Even if you are fortunate enough to avoid sustaining weather damage to the roof of your property, most roofs will begin to show signs of deterioration over time. If further deterioration (and expense) is to be avoided it is necessary to attend to the defect as soon as possible. Finally, you may be one of those more prudent property owners who have their roof inspected periodically to avoid the type of problem which, if attended to immediately, … Read More

Working Safely on Devon Roofs

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Working on your Devon roofs is a highly risky because it entails working at height. Working on commercial and industrial buildings or on the roof of a tower block can be especially hazardous because of the heights involved. Almost twenty five percent of workers who are fatally injured after falling from a height at work are roofing contractors. Roofers at constantly at risk of falling through fragile roofing materials such as skylight and asbestos sheets and this is the cause of more fatalities than any other single source. In addition to the many fatalities there are also numerous cases every year where a roofer is very seriously injured. Because of the risks that roofers face when working at a height certain regulations, known as the Work at Height Regulations 2005, were introduced to minimise these risks. These rules provide that anyone planning a piece of work that involves working on at height has the following responsibilities: To plan for the work without the need to work at height if it is possible. Obviously, in the case of roofing work it is almost impossible to avoid the need to work from a height. To make use of work equipment or take … Read More

Local businessman is top entrepreneur under 30

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A businessman from Torquay has been named as one of the best entrepreneurs in the UK who are under 30. The list was compiled by FreeOfficeFinder, which is a website you can use to find office space, and features 10 fantastic young business talents. Included in that list was Tom Birbeck, who is the founder of Arc-Marine, who make artificial reefs to help increase marine life. Tom was also interviewed in the Herald Express about Arc-Marine and how it’s going so far. See the full post at  

Dormer Roofs

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There are many properties in Devon with a dormer roof. This type of construction add valuable space and height to the roof space of a house and every Devon roofing company will have experience in the installation of a dormer. Dormers come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. The most popular of these are listed below. Gable Dormers A gable dormer is arguably the most popular type of dormer construction. This is likely to be because they are relatively straightforward to construct yet are capable of adding the greatest amount of additional head room. Gable dormers are frequently found in groups of two or more along the range of the roof. Shed Dormers Another popular style of dormer is the shed dormer. In this style of construction, the dormer often extends across almost the entire line of the roof. For this reason, the shed dormer, which adds valuable space and light to the house, can often be mistaken for a complete upper storey. Hipped Dormers With a hipped dormer, also known as a hip roof dormer, the roof of the dormer slopes on its front and sides. Unsurprisingly, this style of dormer is frequently seen in houses where … Read More

Five Good Reasons for Inspecting Your Roof

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Renewing your roof can be an expensive process, even if you employ roofers who charge a reasonable rate. That is why maintenance and prevention are always going to prove better than cure. In order to ensure that the necessary remedial steps are taken involves carrying out regular inspections of the roof so that any problems that appear to be arising can be nipped in the bud. In this article, we set out five good reasons for taking the precaution of regularly checking your roof’s condition. Weathering and Aging Most roofs have a shelf life of around twenty to thirty years in the case of multi -ply roofs and fifteen to twenty years in the case of single ply roofs. Every roof in the world is subject to the effects of weathering and aging and, fortunately, these effects are normally visible on inspection of the roof. The most obvious evidence of aging and weathering are openings in the roof that may lead to the infiltration of water. When these openings are discovered, on inspection, it enables the carrying out of repairs before the infiltration of water occurs or becomes a serious problem. Storm Damage Strong winds, hailstones and other weather conditions … Read More

Taking Care of Your Devon Tile Roof

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Top quality roof tiles are hard wearing, often remaining protective for many years. It is unusual, therefore, to have widespread problems with your roof unless the original installation was carried out incorrectly or the tiles that were used were of a substandard quality. Spending a little more money on finding a professional and proficient roofer and on good quality tiles will prove to be cost saving in the long run. Despite the fact that widespread problems with tile roofs are rare, there are occasions when one or more individual tiles require attention and the two most common reasons for this are the cracking or breaking of a tile or tiles and the accumulation of debris. In order to avoid these problems becoming worse, attention should be paid to the state of the roof and the necessary remedial action taken. Cleaning Your Roof Tiles One of the biggest reasons for the accumulation of debris on the roof tiles is the proximity of a tree or trees.These will produce moisture, which can lead to moss growing on the tiles. It is essential, therefore, to keep all overhanging trees cut back so far as is possible, to prevent moss and/or algae from accumulating. … Read More

Devon Roofing Tips: Why Use Slate Roof Tiles?

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When you are considering having the roof of your home renewed you will need to decide which material you want the roof tiles to be made from. One option is to use traditional slate. Slate roof tiles have been around for many years and continue to be one of the most popular materials for covering the roofs of houses and other properties. There are many advantages of using slate tiles and, in this article, we look at the most popular of these in demonstrating why so many home owners chose slate when they are having their roofing renewed. The Advantages of Slate For most people the biggest advantage of slate is its cosmetic appearance. Slate is a natural stone, which many home owners consider make it far more attractive than a man made tile. Slate has an individual appearance, although there are still several options, in terms of size, shape and colour. Durability is the second reason for so many home owners choosing slate. As long as the tiles are fitted correctly and are properly protected and maintained, it is likely that they will last for many years. This represents a significant saving on repair and renewal costs compared to other … Read More