The Roofers SW was established in 2013 as a result of the increasing pressure on the roofing division of The Builders SW. In response to more and more domestic and industrial roofing work demands in and around South Devon, Torquay, Torbay, The South Hams, Totnes, Exeter and Plymouth we took the decision that the only way that we would effectively serve all of our present and future customers was by adding to our specialist workforce by engaging a team of dedicated and experienced roofing contractors.
In order to complement this practical change in our workforce we have added a smaller but effective website for The Roofers SW and as this site has grown in popularity, coupled with the popularity of our Builders SW Blog we have taken the decision to add a Roofers Blog.
The  Roofers SW

The Roofers SW

In this blog we hope to provide all of our customers with some useful roofing tips and tricks and introduce them to some of the different types of roofing problems and our idea about how they should be solved.As with the Builders SW Blog, we will try to provide ongoing information and images of the roofing works that we are undertaking in and around South Devon. We will also provide some roofing based articles, occasionally from guest authors, which may be of help to you in deciding on the type of roofing work that you might want to undertake.

Hopefully, this blog and our website will help you understand the roofing trade a somewhat better and will also ensure that The Roofers SW will continue increase our ever-growing complement of satisfied customers in South Devon, South Hams, Exeter, Torbay and beyond!